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Jan 23
Be it Hereby Resolved THAT...

Resolutions.  How do you feel about them?

resolution image for blog.jpg

Here we are in January.  The start of a New Year (I recognize that it's almost over, but I've already blown my resolution to stop procrastinating so...there's that).  I'm always surprised to go out my front door on New Year's Day and see that the world looks EXACTLY like it did when I came home the day before.  I always expect there to be something NEW.  Like my entire lawn is sprouted with hot-pink crocuses and lime-green daffodils.  SOMETHING.

Traditionally, we make New Year's resolutions to create something NEW in our lives.  Better health, better relationships, better communication.  The problem is that creating something new, means changing something familiar.  I stink at change.  I know a lot of people who stink at change.  I think that we're hard-wired to prefer the status quo. So when we're faced change or something new, it can be rough for us, even when we're the ones creating the change. We may feel disappointment, confusion, or a desire to set our heels and go full-send stubborn in resistance.  I tend to be in the full-send stubborn resistance camp, so I'm fortunate that my culinary and service teams are MUCH more flexible! 

One resolution this year was to make the menu a little more approachable.  I think we've succeeded with that (please let me know if I'm wrong), but of course it's NEW and it's CHANGE, so it's been a little rough even though it's better.  New menu items mean new "mise en place", the ingredients and equipment needed to execute a dish.  New menu items mean the new mise en place goes into new spaces on the line.  As a battle-hardened line cook, I rely on things being in the exact same place all the time so that you don't have to look for things when you're in the middle of a rush.  Remember back when you learned how to type, the goal was to be able to do it without looking at the keyboard?  Same thing.  We're all still trying to figure out where the heck we put everything and if the place we put it originally is actually the best place for it once the slam hits.  It takes a little trial and error.  So, while I realize that you've probably experienced a few figurative bumps and bruises as we've worked through these changes, I hope that you're enjoying the final results.  Please take a moment to fill out one of our comment cards or speak with one of our hostesses and let us know your thoughts.  If you use a comment card, please give us your contact information so that we can reach out to you to discuss the issue further.  Your input can be vital in our fine-tuning process, but sometimes the card doesn't give us all the information we need.

We're resolved to make your meals with us as enjoyable as possible, with tasty, healthy food and friendly service.  And we're resolved that our collective resolution will not be broken...unlike my personal "no sugar for a month" resolution.

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