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Dec 21
HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! We're not here...

​If y'all have been operating with the "be here, now" mindset (as opposed to the "HOLYCRAPITSCHRISTMAS!!" mindset that I embrace), then you've noticed little signs posted around the restaurant talking about the fact that we are closing for a period over the Holidays.

christmas tree for blog.png 

Specifically, we are closed from Friday, December 22nd until Tuesday, January 2nd.  Just so you don't think we're going to be sitting around, drinking eggnog and playing Dreidel, let me walk you through how our week will roll out.  Thursday, the 21st will be our last day of service.  We'll break down the line, and get the food stewarded and stored.  On Friday the 22nd, we roll up our sleeves for a deep clean.  We haul out the foaming degreaser, the steam cleaner and some seriously hard-core attitudes and clean everything that doesn't have a pulse.  Once all of the equipment in the kitchen is shining like it means it, and all of the dining room furniture has be exorcised of crumbs and chewing gum, we'll tuck in to preparing for NEW MENU ROLLOUT!

"New Menu Rollout?  What's THAT??"  It's exactly what it sounds like!  We have a new menu coming on January 2nd!  You've been experiencing many of the new menu items over the last couple of weeks as daily specials so that our line cooks could start becoming familiar with them.  After a small Christmas break, we'll come in for the first round of training.  This round is reserved specifically for the kitchen crew and takes most of a day.  We work at each station with each line cook individually, with the rest of the staff observing and taking notes on the menu training packets that have been created.  The packets include pictures and detailed instructions on how each dish is prepared.  We have the staff observe on stations they don't normally work so if someone takes the day off, we have a person in the wings who has been trained to be able to take over for them.  A "culinary understudy", if you will.  By the end off the day, the goal is to have all cooks comfortable with all of the new menu items.  On day two of training, the cooks will move to their individual stations and the Front of House Crew will come in.  Each cook will prepare three of each of the new menu items for the FOHC to taste.  The menu item will be described, listing it's ingredients and the various dietary restrictions it meets.  This allows our crew to be able to intelligently answer any questions you'll have about the new items and give you THEIR personal take on the flavors and textures involved. Then we'll pack everything up and come in on New Year's Day to get the kitchen set up and ready to roll so we can hit the ground running on Tuesday morning.

There's a lot to do to get ready for this!  We're super-excited to bring you some new, fun things to try!  Please be patient with us while we're gone and DON'T FORGET TO PACK A LUNCH!

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