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​The Spoon Blog

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Oct 25
Bwahahahaha!...*Sigh*...Good Times!

​I don't know about y'all's workplace, but The Spoon is some SERIOUS fun!  I actually think you might be jealous a little bit if you really knew how much fun we have. 

halloween spoon for blog.jpg 

Karie is the primary "Culture Keeper" drive line...if you know her, you know SHE'S a hoot all on her own, but then you throw Cassidy and the rest of the Front of House crew into the mix and suddenly you have a barrel of adorable monkeys making this a really great place to hang out! 

Any holiday is an excuse to party.  You may have noticed that we found some truly obscure holidays to celebrate during the summer doldrums (National Pirate Day, anyone?).  These have given the crew an opportunity to dress up, be silly, come up with interesting specials, or even decorate the restaurant, basically just for kicks.  This week we're gearing up for Halloween by having "weird sock day", "bling day" (tomorrow the 26th) and "nerdy Friday" on the 27th.  You should join us!  You never know WHAT might happen if you show up appropriately blinged-up or nerded-out!  Then, of course, there's the actual Halloween Party, which, as you know, means virtually all productivity at NuSkin comes to a screeching halt so people can dress up and tear it up just a little bit.  What's the old saying?  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?  It's true!  And NuSkin does a great job of giving it's employees different opportunities to re-charge their creative and productive batteries.  We've found that, when you're in the hospitality industry, it becomes even more important to blow off a little steam every now an again.  Keeps things fresh!  If service people are having a good time taking care of guests' needs, the guest willl have a better experience!  We also have various "what's your favorite..." and "would you rather..." questions up on our dry erase boards in the back kitchens.  Both service AND kitchen staff can participate in these and they provide an opportunity not only to have a little fun, but for the crew to get to know each other a little better in the process!  And a tight restaurant crew is an effective restaurant crew!

So be sure to come play with us!  The big screen will be showing fun Halloween movies, we'll have trick-or-treating for the kiddos and you may end up with a random prize for your efforts!  Happy Halloween!!


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