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Sep 19
Just Putting This Out There...

I need to ask you folks a favor or two.

Speaking specifically to my NuSkin Employee Guests...

doggo for blog.jpg 

Can you help me out with something?

We have policies in place to try to protect you from inaccurate payroll deductions here in the restaurant.  One of those policies is that you have to show us your actual, physical, has-your-picture-on-it-and-everything badge in order to use payroll deduction for your food.  This protects you becase we can scan the bar code off the badge and make sure that the correct employee number is used for billing.  If someone has forgotten their badge, or left it in their car, or on their desk...even if we KNOW darn good and well that they're an employee...and they recite their number to us and get it wrong by one digit, there is no safeguard preventing someone else's payroll from being hit with the charge. 

On the one hand, the payroll deduction is a fantastic convenience.  On the other hand, it's kind of a pain in the neck.  'Cuz we have to be such sticklers about it.  Sorry.

We also need your badge as evidence that you're an actual employee to give you the 50% employee discount.  I know, I know, you've been with the company 25 years, OF COURSE you're an employee.  That's wonderful.  I know that and YOU know that, but my brand new cashiers who have only worked here three months DON'T know that.​  You wouldn't BELIEVE how many non-employee people we've had try to claim that they are employees, they just forgot their badge.  No bueno.  The employee discount is subsidized by NuSkin.  If we give out employee discounts to people who aren't NuSkin employees, we're costing the company money, which impacts the corporate bottom line.  And that, my friends, is NOT "Fast Speed".

The last thing I need your help with is this.  Please do not prop open the exit doors by the mail room.  There are a number of reasons for this.  General security of the building, an additional safeguard against flying insects coming in from outside, stuff like that. I'd really appreciate it and I KNOW the security deparment would appreciate it too!

So to sum up, please keep the doors closed and please keep your badge on your person.  I keep mine in my back right pocket.  I admit, on legging days I have to get creative, but that's a separate conversation entirely!  I have a few suggestions that might help you:

1.  Have your grandma crochet a chain of your favorite color yarn to loop through the hole on your badge and tie to your belt loop.  You could even have diffent colors to coordinate with different outfits!

2.  Duct Tape fixes EVERYTHING!  Available in a wide array of patterns and colors, you can truly make a statement when you use duct tape to affix your badge to your arm sleeve!

3.  In a real pinch, a stapler can be your friend!  (not advised for use on delicate or particularly expensive articles of clothing)

4.  Ladies, we all have hair ties lying around.  Make a slip loop through your badge then put it on your wrist.  Again, many colors available to allow you to express your individuality! 

5.  Get a "Badge Buddy".  Partner with your next-cubicle neighbor.  If either of you stand up from your chair, the other one says "Don't forget your badge!" to remind the stander to not forget their badge.  Think of fun and creative ways to remind each other...other languages, small signs in crayon, or post it notes placed stategically!

See? There are plenty of ways to help you keep your badge with you, which will help US do our job easier and more efficiently!  You guys are the best!  See you 'round the soda fountain!

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