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​The Spoon Blog

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Jun 20
Ch. Ch. Ch. CHANGES!!

​If you've been paying attention to the number of grey hairs sprouting out of my head in the last three months, you know that it's because The Spoon has been woefully short-staffed for the last six.  Like "How well do YOU function with only 60% man-power?" short-staffed.  Like "If there is mercy in Heaven, cloning will be available NEXT WEEK" short-staffed.  So it's been a liiiiiiiiitle interesting around here!

Well, Luck IS a lady and she brought me a couple of new peeps that I need to introduce you to.

First off, Kevin Miller!  Kevin came to us an an intern from Scenic View Academy.  He's been working in a prep-cook capacity since last November and his growth has been FANTASTIC!  When an opportunity came open for him to apply, he did, and he got the JOB!  Which is awesome!  You probably won't see him a bunch, since he works in the back, but he's a great guy and we love adding him "officially" to the team!

On the more visable side is Aloura Linfesty.  Newly (like, she had to delay her start date 'cuz she was going to be on her honeymoon) married, an award willing Skills USA and ProStart competitor, and also AWESOME, Aloura is working our lunchtime Saute/Broiler station and is rocking it right out of the gate!

Unfortunately, every silver lining has it's cloud.  Just as I bring on these GREAT folks, I get to loose one of The Spoon's original employees.  Kevin Birkett, our "morning shake guy" is leaving us to start an intensive coding program so he can go start doing what he's actually SUPPOSED to be doing, which is messing around with computers (the kid's brilliant!). 

If you have a chance to say "Hi" or "Bye" to these new crew members, I'd advise it!  They're great team members and wonderful people!


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