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Mar 17
These Peeps

So, some of you may have noticed that, lately, my car is in it's parking place early and it stays there, sadly unattended, until late.  Now we all know that I LOVE what I do.  I'm an adrenaline junkie, but I am WAY to aware of my own mortality to do any of the normal adrenaline junkie activities like tandem sky-diving with a shark or synchronized cobra twirling.  So I cook.  The sound of a printer spitting out an order chit creates a pavlovian-esque response in my brain and the fight or flight response immediately blossoms in my little heart!  Trust me, it's a BE-YOOtiful thing! 

But, let's be honest.  If you're here at 6:30 and you don't leave until 6:30 for multiple days in a row, there's only so much that passion for your work is gonna do for you.  Y'wanna know what gets me through?

These peeps.


I have got an amazing crew.  No, seriously, they are amazing!  Every last dang one of them!  You all only really get to interact with my "FOH" (Front of House) and they are phenomenal.  I honestly don't know how they stay so cheery and positive, all day every day, when they are running their wee little toesies right off!  One of these days, I'm putting step trackers on them so I can get a total number of steps in a day for them as a group.  It'd be LUDICROUS!!

Then there's my BOH...They're just...WOW!  Heat, stress, lifting, bending, stretching, more walking.  And they all have such great senses of humor and are so solid as a team.  I just could NOT ask for anything better.

Put the two teams together, headed up by two really, just phenomenal women, Karie and Christine, and you have a group that I would put up against any restaurant team in the state.  Are my cooks the most Culinarily Proficient?  Maybe not.  Are my hostesses and runners Fine Dining?  Maybe not.  But I will tell you what.  They have each other's backs. My cooks happily cook whatever the hostesses order, even if it IS completely off menu, because the hostesses will see that the cooks are about ready to die of heat exhaustion and offer to go get them ice water.  They like each other.  They get along.  They are a team.  Right down to the dishwashers.  That's not common in the restaurant industry, and it makes coming to work for 10, 12, 14 hours a WHOLE lot more pleasant!

Thanks, guys!  #spooncrewrocksitsideways



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