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Jan 02
New Year, New Menu!

It's quiet in the kitchen...too quiet. (Spoken in my best "Guy Noir" detective voice)

new year for blog.jpg 

Of course it's quiet, don't be ridiculous!  It's Monday, January 2nd, 2017 and it is New Year's Day Observance so we're CLOSED.  Don't think for two minutes that means we haven't been busy.  Sure, we've been closed since Christmas.  But we've come in during that time for new menu training, new dish photography, deep cleaning, and kitchen re-set so we would be more-or-less ready (there's always a learning curve) to unveil our new menu for 2017.

There are 30 new items on this menu.  That's no small feat.  Categorically, nothing's changed, we still have breakfast, flatbreads, hot and cold sandwiches, yada yada yada.  But 30 new twists on those categories means new purchasing, new prep, new set up, new standardized recipes, the whole She-Bang!  I have effectively thrown my crew into a learning curve (see above) that pulls about 10g's!

Chef Alex and I have worked with the kitchen staff in developing the new menu and new recipes.  You've seen almost everything as a daily special over the last few weeks.  Based on the comments we received during that period, I think you're going to be happy with what we're rolling out.  That said, we recognize that some of your favorites will be going away and that won't make you happy.  We're sorry about that.  But remember that, if we still have the ingredients in house, we'll still be able to pull off whatever you're craving.  I just ask three things.  Number One: TRY the new menu out!  Really, wring it out.  I'm sure you'll find a new favorite in no time, there's some really great stuff here.  Number Two:  Give us a couple of weeks to get our legs under us before you hit us up with custom requests that lie outside the new menu.  Then the kid gloves can come off.  Number Three: Tell us your opinions of the new menu.  We value your thoughts immensely.  Try to keep it constructive though, please.  We are human over here, and we're doing our absolute best to provide you with a lunch (or breakfast or snack or whatever) that you can really sink your teeth into and enjoy.

I'm really excited about this.  WE are really excited about this!  New Year, new menu...This is gonna be fun!!

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