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Dec 14
One Candle

Darling Daughter's Jr. High Choir concert was last night.

She's spent the last week preparing us for a truly horrific event, stating that the choir simply was NOT prepared to perform the lengthy and complex numbers that the director had selected for them.  Now, you and I have both sat through young choir, band, and ‚Äčorchestra concerts where the performers may-or-may-not have been physically or emotionally prepared for the event.  We've heard glass-cutting clarinet squeaks, pubescent voices that have a four-note range attempting full-octave note changes, and flat-out late entries by entire sections.  But we've sat through them with hearts full of hope and pride for the young ones who have worked SO HARD to prepare for the event.

dove for blog.png 

Darling Daughter led us astray.

This choir of 70 young voices (okay, sure, there were a couple of VERY minor "oops-es") NAILED IT!  They sang "In the Bleak Mid-Winter" a beautiful, but little known carol that Julie Andrews sang.  They also performed a rendition of "Jingle Bells" that wove in the music of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite...SO FUN!!  Their last number, however, was the killer.  It's called "One Candle".  Every Jr. High and High School Choir in recorded history has performed this number at some point.  It's a standard.  Here, you can listen to it:

They sang in the dark with each choir member holding a little electric tea-light candle.  The first voice lit her candle as she sang, the second voice lit his when he came in, and as the choir started singing they each lit their candles, one by one, in no particular pattern or order, until all these  sweet, angelic young people were illuminated by the soft glow of an electric flame.  It was incredibly quiet in the auditorium (which is saying something because it's actually the "cafetorium"...cafeteria used for other purposes) and they sang the lyric "Dona nobis nobis pacem" which is a traditional canon and it means "Grant us Peace". 

This was very dramatic for me.

Sitting there, watching my beautiful, not-at-all-a-baby-anymore girl sing this simple plea for Peace in a world that is anything but these days.  Yep, I'll own it, I cried.  I thought to myself how desperately we need the young people of today asking to be granted peace, both for themselves and for all of us.  'Tis the season for these types of thoughts, I suppose, and a little touchy-feely-psycho-babble-ish, but what if it were a statement that everyone uttered, every day, for a week?  What if that powerful request were made by every man, woman and child for a month?  For the whole of 2017?  I have to think that we could collectively create some pretty impressive change in our world with that simple act.

I'm going to try it for myself.  Just to see what happens. 

I wish you Peace in this season of holidays and remembrances, and for all of 2017 as well!

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