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Aug 25
Give a Cop A Cookie

A couple of blogs ago, I mentioned that we would be rolling out the "Give a Cop a Cookie" initiative soon.  Well, in the words of a certain Disney Baboon..."It is TIME!"

Karie Odell (the Brainiack behind the program) and I, along with Julie Brown and Matt Siufanua, met with the Provo Police Chief, John King, and Captain Todd Grossgebauer to introduce the initiative to the officers at the afternoon briefing.  Armed w​ith a platter of cookies, we explained to them our desire to express our gratitude for the hard work and sacrifices they put in on our behalf.  The officers (tough crowd, really tough crowd) were excited about the program and are looking forward to seeing it blossom. 

Here's how it will work.

You, our wonderful guests, will have the ability to purchase a gift card at our CASH REGISTERS (not yet available on kiosks or online...working on that) good for a free cookie here at The Spoon.  On the back of the gift card is written "Thank you for your service", and there is a line for you to put your signature if you so choose.  We will collect the cards for a period and then take the handfull down to the station for distribution to the officers. 

cookie monster for blog.pngHere's the fun part.


Maybe the officer doesn't like cookies (WHAAAATT????) OR maybe he's avoiding sugar...NO BIG DEAL.  He is fully able, encouraged even, to give that gift card away to someone who can use it better than he can.  Perhaps he's working with a child in a scary situation or working with another victim that he feels could use a day brightener.  BING! Out comes the cookie card and THAT person's day has just been made a little better.  The person is happy 'cuz they get a cookie, and the officer is happy 'cuz he got to GIVE a cookie, and YOU'RE happy 'cuz you got to start the whole happiness ball rolling!

Kinda cool, right?

I hope you're as excited about this program as we are.  I hope you come buy a cookie card for us to take to the police department.  I hope that this will gain enough momentum that we can include the Utah County Sherriff's Department.  I really, really hope that this can have a "ripples on water" effect that helps make our community a little happier, a little kinder and a little more peaceful.

That's really what it's all about...well that, and COOKIES!!

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