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Jul 20
Forces for GREAT!!

One of the things that I love, love LOVE about being associated with NuSkin is the truly MYRIAD opportunities we have to be "do-gooders" in the world. 

Let's be honest here, the world's gone just a touch nuts lately (like, PAYDAY BAR nuts, like, Peanut Butter-Nutella-and-Almond Butter-Sandwich get my meaning).

It's nice to be a part of something that is trying to take the edge off that nuttiness a little.  We have our Nourish the Children Initiative, which is one of my favorites, because the notion of hungry children makes my heart hurt to the point of nausea! We have the School for Agricultural Independence (give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day...), we have our Ambassador Program, we have opportunities to volunteer at the Food and Care Coalition, we have our Force for Good Day, AND we get a paid day off to go out into the world to volunteer with whatever entity we choose to help! 

HOLY CATS!  How many places have all that?  Let me tell you, in the restaurant industry, not many.

This year's Force for Good Day offered us here at The Spoon a chance to be even more deeply involved, which we loved!  It was awesome to be able to actually help cook all the burgers for all y'all, rather than just supporting the cooking.  It's beautiful to stand at the grill and see your smiling faces as you come through the line, having been standing out in the heat packing sack lunches for kids who need additional food security in the summer since there's no school lunch.  I know I wasn't very smiley on the outside. I have "working witch face" and I had smoke in my eyes, but it made my heart happy to see that YOU were having a good time in your act of service.  That's what the world really needs right now, people who take joy in serving others.

We're going to be giving you another shot at serving the people who serve you, actually.  If you want to, of course, no obligation or judgement if you don't.  By the end of August we will be up and funning (see what I did there?  I meant to do that) with our "Give a Cop a Cookie" program.  In support of our boys in blue (and olive green, we'll include the sheriffs) you will be able to purchase a gift card that has "Thank you for your Service", and a place for your signature, that is good for a cookie of their choice here at The Spoon.  It's just a small token of thanks to the men and women of the Provo City Police Department, who literally put their lives on the line to be there when we have a car accident, when our house gets broken into by bad guys, when we have neighbors that are hard-core partying until 3 in the morning on a work day...these are all potentially life-threatening situations, and they just step right up to it.  My Daddy was a Sheriff's Deputy as I was growing up and I vividly remember watching my mother watch the 10 o'clock news about an armed robbery that was happening with the Sheriff's Office responding, and the absolute fear in her eyes as she processed the fact that her husband might not come home that night.  Are they perfect?  Nah.  But is what they do every day worth a "thank you" and a cookie?  Yeah, I think so, and I hope you think so to.

Take some time to look around you and see what LITTLE thing you can do...once a month, once a week, to try to bring some extra love into this nutsifagen world that we're riding on.  Give a cop a cookie, give someone else a cookie, give everyone your amazing smiles!  May the Force (for Good, no, GREAT!) be in you!  PEACE!

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