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Jun 17
Put the Mason Jar down, and back away slowly.

We're well into gardening season at this point.

The first gardening season, since I've had an actual garden,​ where I (we...okay mostly HE) didn't plant a garden.

And I am now suffering "Not Buyer's Remorse".

I never thought I'd regret the decision NOT to plant a garden.  To NOT give up a quarter of my dining room to seedlings.  To NOT fret over the nighttime temperatures and whether or not they would kill said seedlings.  To NOT have to head out after working a 10-hour day to weed and water.  To NOT have to keep vigil ensuring that the stupid chickens don't eat everything that sprouts.  Yet, here we are, with me looking at my canner wistfully, realizing that it won't be pressed into hard service in a few months to put up the bounty of the aforementioned insanity.

Now here's where you get a little insight into how messed up I really am.

mason jar for blog.jpg 

My local grocer recently had raspberries on sale.  My kids LOVE raspberries, so I bought a couple of packages.  Then the sale got better, like, the-price-dropped-by-$.25-per-package better.  Excellent!  I bought a couple MORE were thrilled!  Then, they got serious and dropped the price to $10 per CASE.  At less than $1 per package, there's no WAY I'm passing that up.  I bought three.  Of course the kids don't love raspberries THAT well, so what's a girl to do?  She's gonna bust out that canner that's been sitting dormant all winter and make herself some jam, is what she's gonna do!

I like my jam quite tart so I use the low-sugar pectin and more fruit than is called for in the recipe,  so I practically end up with raspberry butter (she says, as though that would be a bad thing).  The perfect complement to wheat bread and chunky natural peanut butter, IMO.  Three hours and two overheated teenagers later ("Why on EARTH are you CANNING?  It's 85 degrees outside!!), and I'm sitting on a pile of early summer bliss in half-pint jars.  I looked like someone turned the hose on me and beat me with it a WAS 85 degrees outside afterall...but I had answered the primal call of the food storage room!  I'd had my "fix".

I saw that strawberries are on sale.

I need help.  Serious help.

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