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Jun 10
Your Guide to Easier Spoon-ing! Wait...

​I'm sure that most of you have, at some point, come to The Spoon planning on a quick lunch (or breakfast, for that matter) only to find the place PACKED TO THE RAFTERS with unfamiliar faces.  "What on EARTH is going on?" You might have thought to yourself.  After deciding to brave the crush, you get to the kiosk to place your order, only to discover that the Tuna Melt is no where to be found.  You ordered the Tuna Melt yesterday, and the day before that, so you KNOW we serve one...Or have you gone completely crazy?!?!? 

Sound about right?

Allow me to shed some light on this situation and hopefully help you navigate it a little more easily...

These traffic increases are caused, most frequently, by distributor events.  Twice a month, some of our NuSkin Distributors gather here at the IC for meetings, trainings, and motivational seminars.  These happen (generally, but don't swear me to it, there are exceptions) on the 2nd and 3rd Thursday of each month and usually last 2 - 3 days.  The number of people attending the events ranges from 50 - 550, depending on who is hosting the group.  Their meetings, of course, usually break for lunch right around 11:30-12:00 and the break usually lasts about an hour.

I'm sure you can appreciate that we need to adjust our practices a little to accomodate such an's not like I have an on-call brigade of cooks and servers that are happy to work only 4 days out of the month.

When the group is smaller, say 35 - 50 (which is usually the case the 2nd week of the month) we don't have to change much.  We filet out a few more pieces of salmon, maybe cut a larger batch of stir-fry vegetables and bake off a few more cookies.

When the group is larger, say over 200 people (usually the 3rd week), THEN we have to start getting serious.  Think about this...We have the potential for 200 people who want to eat lunch In. One. Hour.  That's an order every 20 seconds or so. 

So how do we handle it?  Well, the first thing we do is eliminate the plateware.  If you're eating on a real plate, you probably want a real fork to go with it, and if you want a real fork, then you want a real napkin.  We can't possibly turn our plateware, silverware and linens around fast enough so the best option is to make everything "to go".  This also encourages people to head back to their desk or out to the patio to eat so we don't completely run out of seating.  And speaking of seating, for larger groups we will drop as many as 80 extra seats in the dining room so people have places to sit down (Thanks, Facilities!!).  Then we have to turn to our menu.  There are a couple of menu items that either take longer to prepare, or really throw a wrench into the flow of lunch service (poached eggs at 12:15, anyone?).  These items simply have to go to be able to keep the timing of the line intact.  I realize this causes disappointment, and I am truly sorry about it.  So how can I make it better for you?...'cuz you ARE important and we DO want you to be happy!

Let me offer a few suggestions:

1.  Try to eat early lunch or late lunch.  Think 10:45-11:00 or 1:15-2:00.  The groups either haven't left their meeting yet or they're heading back to their afternoon sessions.

2.  Know that the breakfast sides, Tuna melt, and Chili con Queso are just not an option.  But Hard boiled eggs are almost always available in our grab and go.

3.  Speaking of grab and go, we generally beef up our offerings down there for distributor events.  Try taking advantage of that as a time-saving device.

4.  If you haven't discovered the beauty of on-line ordering, I encourage you to try it.  You place your order for a specific time (again, try to avoid the peak of 11:45 - 12:15) and we have it ready for you to pick up.  No waiting for a kiosk or cashier to ring you in, just let the girls know you have an online order and they'll grab it for you...and since it's packed to go, you can head to the south lawn, or one of the great patios that's built onto the IC to eat looking for an open table!

Just some suggestions to make your dining experience with us a little easier during those big pushes...I hope they help!  Thank you for your patience and your patronage!


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