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Jun 20
Menu writing is a team event!!

Yay!  Summer is FINALLY pretending like it's here!  Anyone else start growing moss behind their ears with all that rain?  No?  Just me?  ok fine.  

So it's June and the weather is gorgeous, and school is out, and we're halfway through the year...You know what ​that means, don't you?  It's time to start planning our 2020 menu!  You might think I'm a little nuts...I mean, there's still SIX MONTHS left on the current menu, right?  You'd actually be very surprised at how long it takes us to get a menu put together.  Programming the point of sale (lovingly referred to as POS...wink,wink) ALONE takes about three months!  Then there's everything from the brainstorming, to the nutritional analysis, to the physical menu layout and translation for our distributors!  Whew!  It's a wee-beastie, I'll tell you!

I'm writing this post today to ask you to help us with this crazy process!  Please use the next three or four weeks (through July 19th, let's say) to let me know what items from our current menu you'd like to see stay (and why), what items you'd like to see go (and why), and what items you'd like to see on the new menu (and why).  You can email your menu suggestions to me at  Please give details as to WHY you want an item or don't and please remember that we have pretty strict dietary guidlines that we are expected to maintain on our static menu.  Those are, fewer than 400 calories for small plate items, and right about 800 calories for everything else, so don't go all in-n-out-burger-double-double-animal-style on me.  I can't do it.  Trust me, I'd LOVE to, but I can't, and my waistline will thank me for NOT! 

I'm looking foward to reading your suggestions!  Help us craft a menu that will make YOUR tummy happy!

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