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Oct 02
Falling in love...with FALL!

​If you've toddled down to the grab and go case recently, you may have noticed an influx of pumpkin-flavored goodies.  I've been getting pressure from my staff for oh, say, the past month that it was time to start busting out the pumpkin.  I resisted, stating that pumpkin wasn't allowed until October, but I blinked and here we are! Side note: WHAT on EARTH happened to September?  Did we skip it?  Was there a glitch in the matrix that I missed?  Sheesh!

leaves for blog.jpg

I'm terribly excited for fall...not so much for winter, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.  Fall is time for, obviously, pumpkin, but it's also time for some of my other favorites like Risotto and Butternut Squash, and Gnocchi and Chowder!  Those items that just seem a little too heavy to eat in the summer, but are really cozy and comforting once the temperatures drop and darkness falls by 7 pm!  I also love to bring out the warm spices in the fall.  Cinnamon, CARDAMOM, (love that stuff!) ginger, chile...all those things that make your palate warm.  Even just the smell of them is comforting! Hence 50% of decorative candle scents! As all-American and Fourth-of-July-ish an apple pie is, I can't help but believe it is best served when the apples have come in off the tree just before the first frost. Served warm, sans ice cream or (perish the thought) cheddar cheese.

I don't understand grapes, though.  They're totally a summer eating fruit, but you're supposed to leave them on the vine till after the first least that's what my farmer-neighbor told me.

I digress.

 It's the time of year for stews and pot pies to start showing up.  Casseroles and freshly baked breads or biscuits are welcome! You can finally turn on the OVEN without having to open every window and turn on the air-conditioner!  Fall is my favorite, second only to spring, and from a food standpoint, it comes in first place.  Bring on the mugs of spiced cider and cinnamon toast!  I have a giant sweater and uggs that are dying to be worn!!

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