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​The Spoon Blog

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Sep 10
Happy Birthday!!!

​It's our Birthday!  Can you believe that?  Our little Spoon is 5 years old!! 



It seems just yesterday I was interviewing candidates for a Chef and a Service Manager to help me launch a new restaurant with a new concept in new building!  Chef was a little on the easy side.  With my connections through the American Culinary Federation, I was able to get a number of talented, qualified candidates to choose from, and one of the applicants happened to be a gentleman I had worked with in the past.  I knew what I needed for the post so the decision was simple.

The Service Manager position was much tougher.  Sure, there were plenty of candidates, many of them highly qualified.  The problem was, that I am not particularly good at the service end of things, so I didn't know everything the candidate needed to know...but I DID know I'd know it when I found it!  Service is referred to as the "Front of the House", and the kitchen is referred to as the "Back of the House".  To be frank, my service skills (not knowledge, skills) are a large part of why I have always been a "Back of the House" kinda gal.  I'm sure you're picking up what I'm putting down.  I needed someone who not only knew how to serve the guests, but could do so in keeping with NuSkin's culture and the culture that I envisioned for the restaurant.  That's a tall order.  Even taller when you remember that this person had to be able to work with cantakerous old ME!  OY!!!

I interviewed candidate after candidate.  Each of them had something to bring to the table, none of them had everything I needed.  Time was starting to get tight so I even started creating my short list and having Charlie Allen do second interviews with me in an attempt to winnow out the right person.  Then it happened.  I received an application from Karie M. Odell.  I had worked with Karie at the Ogden Eccles Conference Center for about a year and I had always been impressed with pretty much everything about her.  From the way she managed her team (which was HUGE, by the way and mostly temp workers, and largely spanish!) to the way she handled guest issues to the way she handled the minor catastrophes that are daily occurence...She was GOOD.  And she was applying for a job?  How lucky could I get?  I remember calling her up and saying, "Is this application for real?  or are you just trying to get in touch with me the hard way?"  Luckily, she was actually interested!  I fairly-well dropped everything I had going and brought her in.  Charlie was just as impressed as I was and I knew, I just KNEW I had found THE PERSON for the gig!  She immediately got to work creating a team of AMAZING young people to interact with our guests.  She has a 6th sense about who has the truly service-oriented heart and who doesn't.  And that's actually a thing. It actually takes a special, special person to do that job! Once her team was in place, she started in on being the culture keeper...and keep it she does!  From our fun days to the way she handles last minute "pop-up" catering events, Karie maintains an incredibly guest-centric experience. 

Chefs have come and gone, but Karie is (hopefully) forever.  She's put together a fun little celebration for our birthday tomorrow.  I really hope you'll come party with us a little...because we really wouldn't be here without YOU!  Thank you for EVERYTHING!


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