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Aug 23
Fun, Fun, FUN!!


                                        fun for blog2.jpg

Ok, Let's be honest.  The service industry is not always what you'd call a laugh riot.  You're on your feet all day, generally on a concrete or quarry tile floor, it's hot, you're constantly moving, it's high pressure, and people aren't always in a great mood when you encounter them.  So HOW on EARTH do my hostesses and runners maintain such a great attitude all the time? Don't ask me, I don't know, that's why I'm generally in the BACK of HOUSE...just kidding...sort of...but I digress.

They keep things fun!

So, I am happy to announce a couple of upcoming FUN things going on in The Spoon.  First one isn't just us, it's all of us and it's Lagoon Day, so we will be closing the whole restaurant at 2:00.  Please come get your traveller shakes early so you're not left empty handed.

The next one is Bow-Tie day on August 28th.  We will be wearing bow-ties and you should to!  We're having a "who wore it best" contest and we'll be selecting one lucky bow-tie winner to receive a free lunch (or breakfast, whatever)! Of course, we'll be featuring a bow-tie pasta dish for the special! Just a touch of silliness to keep things interesting.

Then we have a very SPECIAL day...September 11th is The Spoon's 5-year Anniversary! (I have plenty of negative things to remember on September 11th, thank you, I prefer to focus on the positive ones) We will have cupcakes and party hats and all kinds of goofy, birthday party stuff going on!  be sure to join us!

Next up is our FAVORITE day.  PIRATE DAY!! September 19th, we'll be donning our eye patches and bandanas and showing family-friendly pirate movies on the big screen.  There may be booty fer ya, mateys, but yer gonna have to be there to find out, AAARRRRGGGHHH!

Last but not least, September 28th is Broadway Musical Day.  We'll be showing some classic broadway musicals on the big screen.

This is how we keep things fun for us...but we also want YOU to have fun WITH us! Everyone knows that NuSkin is THE BEST place to work for a million different reasons, but even working at the best place can get a little rough sometimes.  We're here to try and take the edge off of that for you.  

We hope you'll join us...we're a good time!

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