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Aug 01

So, this post is maybe just a TOUCH late...After all, it's August already! But it's SUMMER!!  I love summer.  Working in the kitchen acclimates the body to warm temperatures, so I do just dandy from about June on through September.  Once it drops into the 70's in the middle of the day, I'm running for the sweater chest and the knee-high boots!

My favorite things about summer are, of course, food related.

watermelon for blog.jpg

For example:  WATERMELON!  Do you have any idea how great this stuff is?  Obvs, it's packed with water...hence the you can stay hydrated in a refreshing and tasty fashion.  It's also loaded with vitamin A, B6 and C, has plenty of Lycopene, along with antioxidants and amino acids.  Something that tastes good and is GOOD for you?  WHAAAAAA??????

Usually, we go to the store to get a watermelon.  I tried growing them one year...the plant was MAGNIFICENT, but my soil is way too clayish and it struggled.  I only got a couple of adorable little fruits...they were SO cute...and there was great potential for them to be true beauties! Then the chickens figured out they were there and the wee beasties pecked them hollow.  It was neither the first, nor the last time I pondered what sound a chicken makes when you punt it!  But I digress.

When you head to el mercado, you want to look for the yellow spot on the bottom of the melon.  It should be a deep, creamy yellow. This means (theoretically) that the melon has been sitting in one spot, happily ripening, before being plucked.  I've never had great luck with the "hollow sound when thumped".  It's a subtlety that my kitchen-abused ears can't catch, but regardless, the melon should feel heavy for it's size.  Heavy = water = tasty!  Also, check the stem if there is one.  It should be dried out.  If it's green, leave it for the next guy!

This friday is Watermelon day here at The Spoon.  We'll be having watermelon specials and wearing pink and green for the occasion! Really, any excuse for a party down here, but you knew that about us already!

Can I get a "WOO-HOO for WATERMELON"??!!

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