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Jul 05

I used to wear a size 8 1/2 shoe.  Then my son came along and I now wear a size 9 1/2 or even a 10, depending on the manufacturer.  Do you feel me with that non-sense ladies?  Not only do we have to gestate the child, and birth the child, we have to have bigger feet as a result of it!  No fair.  I've lamented the loss of my delicate tootsies ever since.  At one point, I thought maybe my feet would shrink back to normal the way the rest of me (more or less) did, but no such luck.

footprint for blog.png

I now find myself worried about a different footprint.  My carbon footprint.  How do my daily actions and decisions impact the planet?  Are those effects temporary, long-term or permanent?  What can I do to shorten, lessen or even eliminate my impact on the world for the generations to come?  I mean, I really like my kids so I imagine I'll really like my grandkids.  I doubt I'll see my great-grandkids, but I'll bet they'll be pretty cool too, so I'd kinda like for the world to not be a complete disaster area when they show up in it.

To that end, one of the things I do is recycle.  My glass, my aluminum and metal, my cardboard and clean paper.  It's easy, Springville ​does curbside pick up and I've arranged to have two cans (we recycle way more than we throw away), so no big deal. 

Did you know we recycle here at The Spoon as well? We've always recycled our cardboard and our cans, there's a great big compactor out back that we can just toss stuff into...again, no big deal.  So imagine how sheepish I felt when my FOH lead Cassidy, proposed that we take it one step further and recycle our plastic cups, our to go boxes and our to go cutlery?  Why the heck didn't I think of that?  When the staff busses your table, they'll take your "to go" items in back, rinse them off, and put them in the recycling can.  How easy is that?  It took about a week of getting used to having a dedicated recycling can, but now it's working smoothly. 

Why don't you join us in our efforts?  There are recycling centers on each floor.  When you're done with your lunch, use your napkin to wipe leftovers into the trash (so you don't glom up the sink), then rinse out the box and your utensils and put them in your recycling center.

I'll never shrink my footprint down to my prior size, but it we all work together, we can shrink NuSkin's carbon footprint, leaving the world a little bit better for the tiny little footprints to come.

Make it a great day, my peeps!!  Much love!

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