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Jun 18
Malawi Wowie

Hey, Y'all!

So, we came back from Malawi.  Let me tell ya somethin'.  THAT was a game-changer!  I am literally offering up prayers of thanks every time I turn on a faucet now.

Malawi is beautiful.  I highly recommend it.  To everyone!  If you are a NuSkin employee and are not an Ambassador, I strongly encourage you to become one so you can check off that box when it's time to apply for your turn at the trip.  Actually, I strongly encourage you to become one...period.

You guys know me.  You know that I'm a weird kind of Chef.  I'm not the one who wants to be on The Food Network.  I'm not the one who wants to be on the NY Times best seller list with my latest cookbook, or receive Michelin Stars or even a James Beard award.  Those are cool and all, but I just want to feed people.  I believe in the power of food made with love to truly impact a person's day.  I believe in the power of food shared at a communal table to bring people together, increase creativity and communication, and foster unity.  Subsequently...

Malawi. Was. Rough.

But it was AMAZING!  What NuSkin is doing through the Force For Good Foundation and the Nourish The Children Initiative is just, well, AMAZING! 

The day we helped our distributors hand out VitaMeal to malnourished children, was the best/worst day of my life.  Nothing could have prepared me for the emotional impact of that one event.  I don't think we were even there for more than an hour, but I came away feeling like I'd just ​run an emotional marathon!  Chef me was impacted deeply enough, thankyouverymuch, but MOTHER me...she took a beating!  To look into the eyes of a mother who can't (not won't, not "doesn't feel like cooking today", CAN'T) feed her children is horrid.  To see the look in that mother's eyes change as you hand her a bag or two of food for her children is miraculous!  I am truly blessed to have had to opportunity to meet these women, play with their babies, pat their older kids beautiful faces and have even the tiniest impact for the better on their lives.  We handed out hundreds of bags that day.  Every one of us (I'm fairly confident that I can speak on everyone's behalf on this) would have handed out THOUSANDS more if we could have. 

There is so much work to be done.  There is so much more help that is needed.  You might think to yourself "what's my little donation going to do?".  The answer is: EVERYTHING.  When you combine your little donation with HIS little donation, and HER little donation, and THEIR little donation, it becomes a big donation with a BIG impact.  These children, ALL children, are the future of our world.  We don't know which of those children will be the one to grow up and find the answer to some great, glaring global climate issue.  We don't know which of those children will be the one to grow up and start a scholarship fund for other children to receive an education.  We don't know which of those children will grow up to be a world-renowned Neuro-scientist with the cure for Alzheimer's. 

If you can become an Ambassador, please do.  I know, we all have our own paths to walk and crosses to bear, but this program is making a difference in the world.  If you are able to apply for the service trip to Malawi, do it.  It will change your perspective, it will change your heart, it will change your life...and it will change someone's life there, too.

Mtendere ukhale nanu (peace be with you)!

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