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May 22

And the countdown begins!!!!!

excited blog.png

If you come looking for me tomorrow, I will not be here.  I will be at home, gearing up for the following 48 hours which are nothing shy of action-packed. 

Here's how it rolls out.

Wednesday, clean the house, make Mac Salad and a gross of chocolate chip cookies for graduation part, buy additional luggage to take to Malawi, redistribute packing into the additional luggage that's going to Malawi, get in-laws squared away for the extensive child-shuttling that they're need to do while I'm in Malawi.

Did I mention that I'm going to Malawi?

Thursday, Get up, get ready for son's graduation, wake son up to get ready for his graduation, go pick up party trays for after graduation, wake son up again, set up graduation party stuff, wake son up again, turn on his light, make sure everyone else is ready, wake son up AGAIN, drag him bodily out of bed and shove him into car to get to graduation, attend graduation ceremony, cry, return home for graduation party, cry a little more, clean everything up, crash, pray for sleep before going to Malawi.

Friday, wake up (if sleep ever graced my brain, final breakfast with family, finish packing for trip to Malawi, leave for airport, check MASSIVE quantities of luggage, clear security, wait for plane, leave for Malawi!

I've got a couple of things going on right about now, but the most IMPORTANT part is that I'm going to Malawi.  Or that my son is graduating.  One of the two.

I am so. stinking. excited!

If you watched the video of me on insider, you heard me talk about how I've wanted to take this trip for the last 10 years (if you haven't watched it, thank you, I'm not a fan of me on camera ;) ).  I can not WAIT to meet the people there.  I cannot wait to learn from them!  I cannot wait to experience first-hand what NuSkin does over there.  (Insert girlish squeal of enthusiasm here) Ersh-ma-gersh, I'm stoked!

I'll ask you all to pray for me if you pray, or send good vibes and juju if that's more your thing.  This takes me WAY outside my introverted, Springville-Utah based comfort zone and I'd be a liar if I didn't say I am as nervous as I am excited.  I hope I can meet their expectations of me.  I hope I can put away my expectations and just go with an open mind and heart.  I hope I don't barf on the plane.

Peace out, peeps!  I'll send pics!


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